Vision & Mission

P.S.Government Degree College, Penukonda, is one among the prominent institutions of Higher Education in Andhra Pradesh under affiliation to Sri. Krishnadevarya University, Anantapur in 1980. It got its U.G.C. Recognition under 2(f) and 12(B) in 1994.  It continues its journey of academic excellence in imparting Quality Higher Education by responding to academic and administrative challenges. The college has following mission and vision

Ø  To impart higher education to rural students

Ø  To offer good education to local, rural and economically backward students

Ø  To provide an excellent academic programme by a faculty of the highest quality

Ø  To integrate women leadership into all aspects of academic and student affairs

Ø  To cultivate the importance of thinking globally and behaving ethically

Ø  To enhance campus facilities and strengthening of financial resources

Ø  To provide employable skills and make the students into good citizens.

Ø  The college is striving hard to provide higher education to the local, rural and economically backward students.

Ø  Introducing number of  modern courses

Ø  Creating conducive academic atmosphere with main focus on Scheduled Tribes, Scheduled Castes and other economically and socially backward people

Ø  Enhancing the quality of education and making the institution as a centre with Potentiality and excellence.