Computer Science

Computer Science was started in the year 2008 as one of the subjects in the combination B.Sc M.P.CS and B.Com ( Computer Applications). 

  • 2008-09 Established
  • Combinations  offered :  Mathematics Physics Computers  (MPCs)
  •                                          B.Com (Computer Applications)
  • Two guest lecturers : Kum.S.Noori Aisha
  •                                          Kum. D.K.Pravallika                    


    The Department has established an e-club and the students are encouraged to take part in various activities of the club.


    Activities of e – Club


    The e-club of Department of Computer Science  with the students of MPCs and B.Com (CA) as its members with a common motto to abreast themselves with new frontiers of various elements of knowledge and to share and thus improve together particularly in the e-skills.   As the students in the college are primarily from rural areas who have very little or no access to skill development programmes the e-club provides a platform to upgrade their skills with latest technologies and encourages them to compete with their counterparts.